Be there when the Village family comes together

Church Gathering

We believe that life is better done together. We started Village Church with a conviction that the local church should be the best place to find real community. Village is a bit different than the traditional church, we provide small, interactive gatherings where you can be seen and heard.


Sundays at 11am - we gather for a time of connection, conversation, and prayer

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Sundays at 5pm - We meet in a home for 4-6 week sessions of worship, food, and fellowship

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There's several small and creative expressions of ministry happening in our community

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Considering hosting your own gathering? You can gather your people, your way. We would love to help you discover your calling, reimagine the church, and take your first steps toward starting a micro church. Click below.

Community Events

We keep our calendar pretty simple because, if you are normal, yours is probably pretty crazy already. But we also love celebrating together and deeply value the chance to connect. Some events include a family camp in summer, youth house parties, women/mens gathering, river baptism, dinners/picnics, etc. Click HERE to check our calendar for upcoming events.

Family Weekend

On the first Sunday each month we have our Family weekend during our village gatherings. They are a wonderful time to come together as Village family to worship God and be encouraged. We focus a bit more on celebrating and empowering the young, as well as brining in some extra elements of fun. We believe that church should make your day, so we are committed to doing our very best with this time together.

Blessing Sunday

Probably the best way to connect in any community is to serve together for a larger purpose. On the last Sunday each month we break from our normal routine, instead of taking time to gather for church, we give that time away to BE A BLESSING to those around us. We are committed to being attentive to what God is inviting us into, in both big and small ways, and finding creative ways to be a blessing.

Don't know where to start? We would love to help you find something you love. Being part of a Village can help you maximize your passion and gifts. Let's talk.